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Countdown to Give FFA Day!

Dust off your jackets, Virginia FFA!

Take the Virginia FFA Jacket Challenge! For Give FFA Day in 2020, we're asking ANYONE who wore the blue jacket to TRY ON your old FFA Jacket and pledge to give on Give FFA Day!  Then, challenge your fellow alumni, family and friends to do the same!

We hear heartbreaking stories every day about students who have problems finding their support system.  They may have trouble fitting in, finding their voice or they may feel that voice is not heard.  

Imagine providing a brand new, crisp, corduroy jacket to one student in each of the FFA Chapters in Virginia and giving a student a chance to fit in and find their confidence.

For so many years, the Blue FFA Jacket has been the great equalizer; it hugs everyone that wears it the same way.  It makes us walk a little taller; it makes us part of one of the largest families in the world.  Join us in inspiring FFA Members all over Virginia on February 25th.


Be a part of Give FFA Day

Create your own social media post

If you're brave, try on your old jacket, post a photo or video, make a pledge to give on Give FFA Day and challenge others to do the same by tagging them!  Tag us, too and use the hashtag: #VAGiveFFADay

Set a reminder

Sign up above or set a reminder on your phone, so you don't forget!


Make sure you're sharing posts from Virginia FFA Social Media and encourage others to do the same.


Every gift is meaningful on Give FFA Day!  The cost of each jacket is $55, but all funds will be pooled to give as many jacket scholarships as possible.